Deer Fencing

We undertake large & small scale contracts across the North of Scotland, using specifications on one or two piece Deer Net and can even combine it with Rabbit/Badger proof etc. We install made to measure Pedestrian/ Vehicle Access Gates and Water Gates, Various Stiles and Bird Strike Batons/ Tickets. 

Over the years we have build up a loyal customer base. Lately we have been providing the Fencing for enclosures for Tree Regeneration schemes. Some of our regular clients include Forestry Commission Scotland, Large Estates, Heritage companies. 

Stock Fencing

We carry out a range of Agricultural Fencing for local farmers and land owners including Rylock, Line wire, Rabbit, Badger, Horse and Electric options.

We maintain fencing for customers such as Livestock Auction Marts and we are the main contractors for the Black Isle Farmers Show at Muir Of Ord every year.